Trendy Burgers in Grange, Windsor, Stafford

Burgers are not a static entity. Over the years, they have evolved. Cooking methods have changed, ingredients have changed, and the personalities have changed, just as everything changes. 2016 is no exception, and there are some factors to watch out for in the burger business. Brew Master's, home of the best burgers in Grange, is trying to stay at the tip of the spear and continue to provide amazing quality and invaluable service.

What's New for Burgers in Grange?

  • A desire for high-grade beef. Now that exploring different unconventional burger toppings is more of a norm, the next battleground in the burger game is high-quality beef. Grass-fed beef, custom ground beef, premium beef, they're all making a play for centre stage. Not sure what those terms mean? It's easy to explain. Grass-fed beef is beef that comes from cows that have been fed 100% grass. People feel that it's healthier and environmentally safer, as the process typically doesn't use hormones or antibiotics in raising the cows. Custom ground beef is high-quality ground beef that comes from three (or more) cuts of cow (sirloin, chuck, rib eye, etc.) They are said to be highly flavourful, which would explain why they are in high demand!
  • Mixing up meats. Beef isn't the sole source for great burgers. Lamb, salmon, chicken, turkey, and pork are all taking a shot at being incorporated into the burger landscape. The change is good. It provides plenty of flexibility for how the meat is cooked and opens up options for people who may not be big on eating beef. It's a great selling point for those looking for healthier options, as most other meats are generally lower in fat content. This all works great for us, as it allows for even more combinations and an even wider array of toppings that can be experimented with on our burgers. In Windsor and beyond, we're switching up the burger game.
  • New flavours. Speaking of switching it up, there's also an exciting move towards using new flavours from around the world and fusing them into burgers in unexpected but highly satisfying ways. Burgers with a hint of Mexican chorizo sausage. Burgers using kimchee or Korean vinaigrette, burgers with avocado mayonnaise and more. It may sound unusual, but more and more, these kinds of burgers are working. Cutting-edge restaurants are pushing limits with signature burgers, and restaurant goers are responding in a way that is overwhelmingly positive. This speaks to us, and we're hoping to stay current with our offerings and continually provide the best in terms of quality and service.

Where to Go for Trendy Burgers in Stafford

In Stafford, Grange, Windsor, and beyond, people flock to Brew Master's. That's because we know what goes into the best burgers and know how the continually innovate to make our burgers bigger and better. Our exciting, flavourful combinations are sure to excite and our relaxed dining environment is the best around for taking it easy and enjoying a meal. Visit us today for the burger of a lifetime!