How Do You Make the Best Burgers in Brisbane, Brisbane Northside, North Brisbane?

For years, mankind has laboured to create and argued back and forth over what makes the best burgers. It's not an easy question, as there are many factors that go into crafting succulent, savoury burgers. The ingredients, the chef, the materials, and even the atmosphere all play a role in the quality and taste of the most delicious burgers. In Brisbane, Brew Master's, devoted students of the path of the burger, have come ever closer to answering the age-old question: “What goes into the perfect burger?” You could log onto any cooking themed internet forum to see the war raging over grilling vs. stovetop, patty sizes, buns, cheese, seasonings, garnishes, etc. Or, you could just listen to these handy tips we've carefully assembled.

What Makes a Burger Great?

Good Beef. Most essential to a burger that tastes great is great quality beef. When you get suspect beef for your burger, you can't be sure of when it was ground up, how many cows it came from, what parts of those cows they used, or if the beef is contaminated with E. coli or other foodborne illnesses that will most assuredly diminish a burger's quality. Not to mention the burger will taste awful on account of the old, pitiful beef that you picked up from who-knows-where. In fact, knowing more about your ingredients and providing quality is essential to making great burgers. Your bread should be fresh and lightly toasted, none of that sugary, tastes-like-air mass-produced stuff. If you're using bacon, it should be smoky and well done, but not burnt, and certainly not too fatty or stringy. Whatever is going into that burger has to be high quality, a philosophy that we take to heart and practice every day. We only use the finest quality and freshest produce available to produce the highest-quality burgers in Brisbane Northside.

Size Matters. We believe that each burger should be a meal, so we endeavour to provide large, substantial burgers that leave customers feeling satisfied. To achieve this, it's necessary to carefully measure our patties with precise instruments (scales, rulers, oh my!). We've refined our cooking process with care so that our big burgers turn out as appetising, meaty discs as opposed to blobs of formless meat that you might get when an inexperienced chef tries to go large with their burger.

Break Some Rules. Some people will try to tell you that what can and cannot go on a burger is a rigid list that can never be altered. We disagree. We're always pushing the envelope, and trying to find new combinations of ingredients that will enhance the burger experience. Pineapples and mango on a burger? We've done that, and we'll do much more in our quest for burger greatness.

Where to Get Great Burgers in North Brisbane

Brew Master's, of course. The local burger spot that goes for the title of best burgers in Brisbane. We use the freshest ingredients, employ the most knowledgeable staff, and provide the most comfortable atmosphere around. Here, everyone feels like a local, and our dining experience can't be beaten. Come to us for unparalleled burgers in North Brisbane.