The Future of Burger Restaurants in Grange, Stafford, Windsor

In 2015, we saw the arrival of some interesting restaurant trends. We saw the rise of fresher produce and vegetables, particularly the resurgence of things like beets and asparagus. We saw innovative new designs in terms of interior seating and furniture. We even saw the infusion of new technologies into the restaurant. All in all, an exciting year. Now, in 2016, we’ve got another new trend to add to the list: a push towards a relaxed, community dining experience at a local establishment. At Brew Master's, one of the hottest burger restaurants in Grange and the surrounding area (looking at you, Stafford and Windsor), we're at the forefront of the movement.

The Push for Local Burger Restaurants in Grange

Why the trend for more community-based restaurants? People want a more authentic experience. They want to enjoy personalised service and excellent value, and burger restaurants in Stafford like ours are here to deliver. When dining at a local establishment, there are a number of benefits not only to you as a customer, but to the community at large. Consider that local restaurants generally make use of fresher produce, grown with fewer pesticides and that means a tastier, healthier meal for you. The ingredients take less time to ship, so there's less environmental pollution from vehicles transporting supplies. There are also slightly less obvious upsides. Because everything is community-based, there's a friendly atmosphere that can't be compared to any other. When the community is part of the restaurant, the restaurant is part of the community.

How Does Brew Master's Fit into the Mix?

We know the power of local community because that's how we got our start. We started small, and throughout our growth into a top-notch burger restaurant, we've never sacrificed that connection to the locals. We believe in extending that connection with other local businesses. We've teamed up with both beer importers and local boutique breweries to bring you a wide selection of brews to sample during your visit. We also stock a range of Australian and imported boutique wines. What's more, we support local artists. On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, we host music acts from Downtown Creative Studios. What could be better than great food and live music?

We pride ourselves on quality and exceptional service. We're always trying to innovate. We're always trying out new combinations for our burgers, and mixing things up in the quest for the perfect flavour for our huge burgers. That's right, huge burgers. We don't want our customers to leave hungry, so we turn each burger into a hearty meal all its own. Do you need any more reason to visit one of the best burger restaurants in Windsor? We're the spot for birthdays (large groups welcome), cocktail parties (sample our array of quality beer and wine), or just a lazy afternoon spending time with friends (you can't go wrong with fresh food made to order). Check out our menu online, follow what we're up to on social media, or call ahead to make a reservation on 07 3352 4144.